Keep the Kids Safe with a Car Seat in Your UTV

It is indeed possible and crucial to place a car seat in a side-by-side UTV when young ones are joining in on off-road adventures. It’s essential to ensure that the little ones are securely restrained and safe while enjoying the ride.

I’ve learned that it’s not just about installing a car seat; it’s about considering the unique aspects of UTVs and adapting safety measures to ensure the utmost safety.

A Unique Perspective

While many articles focus on the hardware aspects of UTV safety, let’s not forget the emotional comfort of our kids. A familiar toy or blanket can make a world of difference in making them feel safe and sound in a new environment like a UTV.

UTV Bump Seats

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UTV Mini Bucket Seats

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UTV bench seats

Now for the more expensive option but it is the nicest look for your UTV, the bench seat. Now this is going to require a lot more work to install than a typical car seat. But if you are like me you like modding your UTV and getting your hands dirty.

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Many states require UTV youth helmets for children under the age of 18

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Don’t forget the grab bar

Give those tiny hands a sense of security and steadiness with the installation of grab bars. Adding one to your vehicle is simple, convenient, and requires only minimal effort. With an aftermarket grab bar in place, toddlers can feel more relaxed as they explore trails ahead – there’s no stopping them!

Kemimoto Grab Bar (Check price on my Amazon affiliate link)

Keep your kids neck safe in a side by side

If not secured correctly, riding on uneven ground can be detrimental to the necks of young riders. Neck collars are perfect for supporting your little ones head and neck.

Also When selecting a reliable UTV booster seat for your child, the most essential element to consider is whether or not it matches their age and size. Booster seats are specifically designed for those youngsters who are too large for an ordinary car seat but nevertheless too small to use a standard-sized safety belt without additional help. Accordingly, selecting the correct booster seat for your child’s age and size is a must. Additionally, verifying that the booster seat is compatible with your UTV’s seating system and restraint protocols as well as ensuring proper installation based on manufacturer guidelines are also essential steps to take before you go out for a drive. When selecting a booster seat for your UTV, the most critical aspect to consider is whether or not it is suitable for the age and size of the child who will be using it. Designing with these two characteristics in mind can ensure that you make the best decision possible when purchasing a seat.

What Kind of Booster Seat is Suitable for a UTV?

Booster seats are essential for children under 8 years old. In most states, it’s illegal for a child to ride in a UTV without a booster seat. I’ve found that seats designed specifically for UTVs, like the ones available for Polaris or Can-Am UTVs, offer a better experience than trying to adapt a regular seat.

Is a Helmet Necessary?

Absolutely, helmets are non-negotiable. In fact, in many states in the US, it’s required by law for riders under the age of 18 to wear helmets. I always make sure my kids wear full-face off-road helmets that are strong enough to support their head from bouncing and straining their neck.

What About Harnesses?

A 4-point harness is far more secure than a regular seat belt and is one of the best ways to keep your kids safe in their seat. Aftermarket harnesses are available that are specially designed for young ones, and they’re well worth the upgrade.

Why is a Seat Belt Not Enough?

A seat belt might seem sufficient, but it’s not designed to keep a small child safe in an off-road vehicle like a UTV. A harness is much more secure and prevents your child’s head from bobbling around, especially when you’re navigating through rough terrains in your Polaris Ranger or Can-Am UTV.

What About Other Safety Gear?

Safety gear like goggles and handholds are also crucial. The saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” So, make sure your UTV child is equipped with all the necessary safety accessories like air pumper systems.

Using a Booster Seat: Is it Different in a UTV?

Yes, using a booster seat in a UTV is different than in a car or truck. UTVs are off-road vehicles, and the seats and booster seats need to be compatible with the UTV’s roll cage and other structural elements to ensure child safety.

What are the Legal Requirements?

Always check your local laws before heading out. Legal requirements can vary from state to state, and you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. For instance, some states require all riders under the age of 18 to wear helmets.


Keeping your little ones safe while enjoying a ride in a UTV involves more than just strapping them into a car seat. From booster seats and helmets to harnesses and other safety gear, proper preparation is key. And remember, safety starts with you—so lead by example and make sure you’re also equipped with the proper safety gear. Happy trails!

Driving or riding in a UTV is risky by nature, and we cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents caused as a result of our writing. Please note that this information should only be used for entertainment purposes.

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