Can You Put a Car Seat In a UTV?

Can you put a car seat in a UTV

Absolutely, a car seat can be installed in your UTV with the right combination of components. It is imperative to ensure that the seat and its restraints are compatible with the design of your ride, as well as suitable for your child’s size and age. To guarantee safety while riding in a UTV, make sure you secure it properly within its seating system before hitting rough terrain! To ensure your child is safe in a UTV, you must be certain the car seat you’re using is appropriate for their age and size. Moreover, make sure it’s installed correctly to manufacturer guidelines. For optimal safety, seek advice from your UTV producer as well as the company that created your car seat about how best to utilize them together.

Although we don’t encourage young children to ride in a UTV, the most reliable way to guarantee your child’s safety is investing in an age-appropriate car seat that has been crafted for use with a UTV. Though these specialized seats can be relatively costly, it is well worth every penny for peace of mind and your family’s security. Protecting your little ones is of the utmost importance. When selecting a car seat, you’ll want one that ensures their comfort as well as safety. To make it simpler for you to decide, I’ve created a list of some outstanding UTV car seats designed specifically with small children in mind.

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Benefits of a UTV car seat

When choosing the optimal car seat for your UTV and its young riders, there are a few factors to consider. Many UTVs require particular seats that are designed specifically for their model. Although these custom-made car seats usually have higher prices than other options, they offer better safety features as well as compatibility with your vehicle’s manual or manufacturer’s specifications regarding weight capacity. The best way to make sure you’re selecting the most suitable option is by consulting either of those manuals before making any purchases!

There are several potential benefits of using a car seat in a UTV. Some of the potential benefits of using a car seat in a UTV include:

Car seats provide essential protection for your child in the event of an accident, making sure they are securely held in place and guarded from harm. Not only can car seats help to prevent injuries, but also reduce the risk of death by providing support and restraint for children riding a UTV. Investing in a quality car seat is one way you can ensure that your family remains safe on the road!

Comfort and Support: UTV car seats are tailored precisely to offer a comfortable, secure seating experience for little ones that will make the ride more enjoyable.

Enjoy the convenience that comes with using a car seat in UTVs; it makes transporting your child simpler, while ensuring they are secure and comfortable throughout their travels.

Investing in a car seat for your UTV can provide numerous advantages, ensuring the comfort and security of your child while they are riding.

What to look for in a UTV car seat

Opting for the right safety gear to protect your precious kids when they join you on an off road vehicle outing is only part of the equation. You should also contemplate the size, age and weight capacity of your UTV in order to ensure it’s a safe and enjoyable experience.

Review of the best car seats for a UTV

When deciding which seat to get for your side by side, you have three main options: the booster seat, the bump seat, or the mini bucket seat. There is a fourth option that is pricey and that is replacing your rear bucket seats with a bench seat. All options come with their own positive and negative aspects, so it’s up to you to determine what works best for your child and if it can fit in your UTV.

UTV Bump Seats

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Are you still wondering if it’s possible to install a seat in your UTV? Well, now you know that with the proper seat, it is indeed achievable! The best bump seat for a UTV is the UTVMA RZR PRO 4 BUMP SEAT. It is one of the most comfortable car seats for kids. It is easy to install between the existing seats of your side by side and comes with a built-in youth harnesses / seat belt. This seat is a great choice for a small child who is learning to ride in a UTV. 

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UTV Mini Bucket Seats

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If you are considering a car seat for your UTV, the Mini Bucket booster is an excellent option! Its lightweight design and safety features make it one of the most sought-after types of seats on the market. Such as the Aces Racing Junior Seat.  This bucket booster seat gives your young riders a better, more secure view while they’re in the car. It is designed to fit comfortably over existing seats for easy installation and added safety.

When selecting a booster seat for your UTV, it’s crucial to consider the size and weight of your child. If they weigh less than 40 pounds and are shorter than 40 inches, then a three-point car seat is the optimal choice. Alternatively, if they tip between 40-80 pounds but measure under 40 inches tall, then a five-point harness car seat should be purchased instead. If you have a young one weighing between 80-120 pounds and shorter than 40 inches, the best choice for them is undoubtedly a five-point harness car seat with a detachable cover. For those over 120 lbs but still under the height of 40 inches, it’s strongly recommended to go with another 5 point harness. Additionally, don’t forget that an extra handhold or grab bar should be attached easily to your UTV roll cage – this ensures their safety even further! However, these are merely rough guidelines; make sure to double check your state laws for more precise information.

UTV Booster Seats

Is your kid a little older and/or a little too big for a mini bucket seat or a jump seat? Then a booster seat may be the better fit. They just slide into the existing seat and work with your existing harness.

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UTV bench seats

Now for the more expensive option but it is the nicest look for your UTV, the bench seat. Now this is going to require a lot more work to install than a typical car seat. But if you are like me you like modding your UTV and getting your hands dirty.

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Many states require UTV youth helmets for children under the age of 18

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Don’t forget the grab bar

Give those tiny hands a sense of security and steadiness with the installation of grab bars. Adding one to your vehicle is simple, convenient, and requires only minimal effort. With an aftermarket grab bar in place, toddlers can feel more relaxed as they explore trails ahead – there’s no stopping them!

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Keep your kids neck safe in a side by side

If not secured correctly, riding on uneven ground can be detrimental to the necks of young riders. Neck collars are perfect for supporting your little ones head and neck.


When selecting a reliable UTV booster seat for your child, the most essential element to consider is whether or not it matches their age and size. Booster seats are specifically designed for those youngsters who are too large for an ordinary car seat but nevertheless too small to use a standard-sized safety belt without additional help. Accordingly, selecting the correct booster seat for your child’s age and size is a must. Additionally, verifying that the booster seat is compatible with your UTV’s seating system and restraint protocols as well as ensuring proper installation based on manufacturer guidelines are also essential steps to take before you go out for a drive. When selecting a booster seat for your UTV, the most critical aspect to consider is whether or not it is suitable for the age and size of the child who will be using it. Designing with these two characteristics in mind can ensure that you make the best decision possible when purchasing a seat.

Conclusion to can you put a car seat in a UTV

As a responsible parent and grandparent, it’s crucial to understand the best protective gear for children inside an UTV and investigate the varieties of car seats available. Furthermore, be certain to adhere with local laws as well as safety rules, including that helmets are essential for little ones. There are many different types of UTV car seats for children, but the most important thing to remember is that you should get a car seat that is appropriate for the child’s weight and height and it is secured properly to your UTV. Also make sure it’s a seat designed for use in a side by side. We ought to keep our dear little ones out of harm’s way – so let us not take chances! To sum up, it is feasible to install a car seat in a UTV, yet the level of security and appropriateness will depend on various factors such as the type of UTV and car seat used, alongside the age and size of your child. It is absolutely essential that you ensure that both components are correctly mounted with each other as well as compatible with all safety systems built inside the vehicle. Besides, you must guarantee that the car seat is suitable for your child’s age and size as well as it has been accurately installed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. All things considered, it is best to seek advice from the UTV producer and also refer to their guidelines concerning utilizing a car seat within an UTV.


Driving or riding in a UTV is risky by nature, and we cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents caused as a result of our writing. Please note that this information should only be used for entertainment purposes.

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