How much does a Polaris side by side weigh?

How much does a Polaris side by side weigh Unfortunately, side-by-side manufacturers don’t always do their best to make this information easily accessible. Some companies only report dry weight, which doesn’t give you all the information you need.  Looking at some of the most popular vehicles and their weights, dry, wet, curb, and gross weight We get to the bottom of the confusion. 

What’s the difference between Dry, Wet, Target and Gross weight? 

In UTV data sheets you are likely to come across Dry, Wet, Curb and Gross weight. Sounds complicated, but it’s actually simple. Keep in mind that no matter which weight you look at, they all refer to UTVs with factory settings. Upgrading parts and adding accessories will change the weight. dry weight

How much does a polaris side by side weigh

What is UTV dry weight?

Dry weight is the weight of the side by side without liquids or cargo, and is therefore “dry”. The UTV can’t be driven in that state, so its weight doesn’t help much. In reality, dry weight means nothing to riders. Never use the vehicle at dry weight. Only useful for those transporting new, unassembled vehicles. Unfortunately, some manufacturers only provide dry weights. 

What is UTV Wet Weight & UTV Curb Weight?

Wet weight and curb weight are synonymous. Those are the Polaris weights in drivable condition with all fluids and oils. One problem with wet weight and curb weight is that it may or may not include the weight of a full gas tank. Some machines weigh around an additional 60 pounds with a full tank of gas, so keep that in mind when looking for weight.

How much does a Polaris side by side weigh?

ModelEstimated Wet Weight
Polaris General 10002655 lb
Polaris RZR Pro XP2564 lb
Polaris RZR XP Turbo2380 lb
Polaris RZR XP 10002300 lb
Polaris Ranger XP 10003698 lb


Estimated Wet Weight
Polaris Ranger 150800 lb
Polaris RZR 170NA lb
Polaris ACE675 lb

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