The Guide to UTV Essentials: Be Prepared for Anything

Side-by-sides are becoming increasingly sought after – who can resist the thrill of driving an offroad beast? Not to mention, it’s a great way to show your friends how unstoppable you really are. Plus, side by sides make running errands so much more exciting and enjoyable! But if that’s not enough motivation for you yet, remember this: The best reason why everyone should get behind the wheel of a Side by Side is because nothing says ‘I’m living my life’ louder than them.

Top Items to Bring with you on your Side by Side

Spare Tire and Tire Repair Kit

It is critical to carry a spare and tire plug kit with you whenever you take your UTV for a spin. Not only does this ensure that the vehicle’s performance and safety remain intact, but it also becomes incredibly useful when stuck in remote areas far from repair or replacement services. By having such tools at hand, one can rapidly fix any flat tires or damage that may have occurred during their journey, ensuring they are able to continue on safely afterwards. Keep safe on your next road trip with a spare tire and repair kit. Not only do they provide you the necessary tools to handle any flat tires, but they can also help save time and money.

Thirdly, to ensure your UTV journey is free from worry, having a spare tire and repair kit in the vehicle should be part of every outing. With these items on hand, you can rest easy knowing that if an unexpected problem arises with one of the wheels, you have what it takes to get back up and running quickly. Packing a spare tire and repair tools will not only enhance performance levels as well as safety but also offer much-needed peace of mind!

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First aid kit

A first aid kit is a necessity when out on your side-by-side; it will provide you with the necessary tools and supplies to treat common minor injuries, such as cuts, bruises, sprains, or burns. Staying prepared for medical emergencies can help prevent more serious injury from occurring in an emergency situation. Plus, many of these kits are lightweight and easy to carry around!

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When out on a ride with your side-by-side, it is important to always be equipped for the unexpected. That’s why you should bring along a multi-tool – it offers versatility in such an incredibly compact form! Whether you need to make adjustments or repairs to your ATV/UTV, tighten and loosen bolts, cut wire, or open bottles – whatever tasks come up can easily be handled by this one handy tool. With its flexibility and portability combined together in one package, having a multi-tool at hand is essential when exploring off roads!

Secondly, having a multi-tool can be a real time and money saver. All the tools you require are neatly condensed into one compact package as opposed to carrying many different tools separately. This allows for more space in your bag or pocket, reduces weight and saves you from needing to lug around an overly bulky toolbox.

Finally, a multi-tool can provide you with serenity and assurance that you are outfitted for any predicament life throws at you. Possessing the means to undertake different activities will instill self-assurance in your venture, so all of your energy may be spent on enjoying every moment of your offroad expedition!

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Along with being an essential tool to keep in a UTV, flashlights are incredibly beneficial for many reasons. If you ever find yourself stranded or lost without any light, these can provide the necessary illumination and help guide your way across remote areas. Additionally, if you come across mechanical issues during your journey that need urgent attention, having a flashlight may be invaluable when trying to make repairs.

Additionally, a flashlight can help you make your way through dark or hard-to-reach places. Suppose you need to traverse a trail after sunset and run into an obstacle like a fallen tree – having the beam of light in front of you will let you see exactly where to go so that no hazard goes unnoticed.

Finally, if ever stranded and in need for assistance, your flashlight is also handy as it can be used as distress signal: point its glow towards rescue teams or passing cars and draw their attention from afar!

Holding a flashlight in your UTV is nothing short of essential for safety and preparedness. In the event of an emergency, it can be utilized as a source of light to assist you with navigating strange or difficult terrain, as well as serving its purpose by signaling others for help if needed.

Head lamp

Having a headlamp available when you take your UTV out on the trails can be an invaluable asset for numerous reasons. Headlamps are lightweight, wearable illuminators that offer hands-free illumination where and when it’s needed most – such as in dark or confined areas. This type of lighting is especially helpful while driving around with your UTV at night, allowing you to navigate even the darkest corners of unexplored terrain! Even if you’re not expecting it, bringing a headlamp with you on your UTV adventure can prove to be an incredibly helpful addition to your gear. It allows for improved visibility of the trails and can also come in handy when assisting other riders or trail users who may need additional help. So make sure that this is one item that’s always part of your journey!

Tow strap

A tow strap is a fundamental tool that should always be considered when taking your side-by-side out on the trails. Not only can it help another vehicle in need by providing assistance if they are stuck, but you can also use it to recover your own side-by-side if necessary – especially advantageous for those driving through remote areas or difficult terrain such as ditches and mud pits. Investing in a tow strap may just be what saves the day! As you traverse the steep terrain of a hill, your side-by-side could unexpectedly begin to roll backwards. To control this situation and ensure safety for both yourself and other drivers, it is strongly recommended that you always have a tow strap at hand in your utv. A tow strap can be fastened securely around any solid object such as trees or stones to stop further backward motion, making it an essential tool for rescues or preventing incidents from occurring in the first place. Additionally, having one on board allows you to lend assistance when another driver needs help getting out of tight spots!

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True adventurers know the importance of carrying a winch on their side-by-side. With its exceptional pulling power, you can free your vehicle from sticky situations with ease. If you and your friends venture off into remote areas or come across another stuck vehicle in need, having a winch is essential for getting them back up and running quickly. Not to mention that it provides an extra layer of security when traversing tough terrain – just like insurance for your four wheeler! So don’t forget about this helpful tool as you are planning out all the fun adventures ahead; because with a well-equipped side-by-side, anything’s possible! What you may not know is that a lot of UTV snow plows require a winch to operate.

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Ratchet straps

Ratchet straps make it easy to tow a side by side with unparalleled precision and assurance. These incredibly strong and resilient tie-downs are typically crafted from durable items such as polyester or nylon, making them the ideal choice for towing applications. With these straps, you can fasten your vehicle at various degrees of tension – something that is impossible when using cables or chains! In this way, you don’t have to worry about destroying any part of your car during the process.

Ratchet straps are not only easily stored and lightweight, but they make for a reliable option when it comes to hauling your side by side. Plus, utilizing ratchet straps can be an uncomplicated way to guarantee the secure transportation of your vehicle.

Whether you’re taking your side by side out on the trails or just need to secure something in a jiffy, ratchet straps can be an invaluable asset. Ratchets offer maximum adjustability, allowing you to customize the tension as needed and make sure all of your cargo is safe and sound while remaining snug even over rough terrain. What’s more, they are constructed from materials that provide superior strength when compared to bungee cords – perfect for those heavier items or anything valuable that needs extra protection!

Ultimately, carrying ratchet straps with you while operating a side-by-side can be an invaluable asset in your gear arsenal and will help you stay prepared for any unexpected circumstances that may arise.

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Extra bungee cords

Whenever you hit the trails with your side by side, it’s wise to bring a few extra bungee cords. Not only can these help secure any necessary items such as bags or coolers, but also come in handy should one of your existing cords be damaged or break. Being prepared with extras is always beneficial!

Furthermore, additional bungee cords can be a great way to secure any items you may come across on your off-roading journey. They are an essential item for anyone who takes their side by side out and about! Not only will they help keep you organized during the ride, but being able to tie down objects like branches or debris in case of unexpected scenarios is incredibly beneficial too. Make sure that having extra bungee cords with you while riding remains at the top of your list when it comes time to pack up!

Extra fuel

There are plenty of good reasons to bring extra fuel along on your UTV excursion. Not only will it provide a helpful backup in case you run out or encounter mechanical problems, but having that extra tank can also help extend your journey and explore more trails without the need for frequent stops at gas stations. Ultimately, bringing additional fuel with you is always a smart idea when heading out into the wilderness!

When you take your UTV out on the trails, bringing extra fuel is an essential part of your gear. This additional fuel can be shared with other trail users or offered to riders who may need assistance. You never know what unexpected situations might arise while off-roading, so it’s best to come prepared by having a backup supply of gas at all times!

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High-lift jack

Taking along a jack when you’re riding on the trails with your UTV will undoubtedly come in handy. A jack can be used to lift your vehicle off the ground, which allows for easy and quick access to perform tire changes, maintenance or unload from a trailer without breaking into a sweat. If needed, this tool also enables swift repairs so that you don’t have to waste valuable time and energy! Furthermore, because a jack is lightweight and compact it’s simple to transport with you into the wilderness. In conclusion, packing your UTV with an extra jack can grant peace of mind when unexpected predicaments arise in nature. It’s certainly worth considering for any outdoor enthusiast!

Snatch block

Looking for a way to streamline your winching or towing applications? A snatch block is the perfect solution! This type of pulley can easily be attached to any winch line or rope, helping you redirect it and enhance its mechanical advantage. Make sure you use a snatch block in all future projects – it’s guaranteed to make things easier!

Snatch blocks are essential tools for off-road recovery due to their hinged design, allowing the easy insertion and removal of lines or ropes. Whether you’re traversing mud, snow or other dangerous terrain while riding your UTV; having a snatch block around can be truly beneficial in preparation for any unexpected situation that might arise. Incorporating this tool into your arsenal is sure to augment your trail rides!

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Tree saver strap

A tree saver strap is an invaluable tool for winching or towing, crafted with robust and long-lasting materials such as nylon or polyester. It easily attaches to the winch line or rope, looped around a strong anchor point like a tree – thus providing the utmost stability and security during any type of application. The tree saver strap is strategically designed to distribute the load equitably across the tree, while also preventing harm or wear and tear of either your winch line or rope. Whether you require a Tree Saver Strap will depend on where you’re driving your UTV off-road, as well as what type of environment that may entail. Although they can be useful in anticipating potential difficulties encountered along trails, overall a Tree Saver Strap is an essential tool for any off road trip!

Recovery damper

When in use with a winch or tow system, the recovery damper is an essential safety device. This cushion – usually fabricated from heat-resistant materials such as canvas or synthetic fabrics – connects to the rope or line and rapidly slows down any load when it experiences a sudden release of that line. With this precautionary measure in place, you can rest assured your valuable cargo will not be subject to drastic changes in speed during movement.

In off-road contexts, recovery dampers are essential for avoiding unexpected injuries or damages caused by the sudden release of a winch line. It is your choice to decide whether you need one based on what kind of terrain and UTV trips you will be partaking in. Ultimately, possessing a recovery damper can be incredibly advantageous when exploring trails as it allows you to prepare for any potential possibilities that may unexpectedly occur.

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Snatch strap bag

If you’re an off-roading enthusiast, then a snatch strap bag is essential for safely and conveniently storing your recovery equipment. Constructed from strong canvas or synthetic fabrics, this pouch will protectively fit all of your essentials while remaining light in weight so that it can be easily carried along with you on trips. Securely store not only the snatch strap but also other items such as shackles, D-rings, and gloves — everything has its place! When out on the trails with your UTV, being prepared for any potential emergency is key. The snatch strap bag provides an efficient and organized approach to storing recovery equipment in one easy-to-access location. It can be attached to your vehicle or carried by hand, allowing you maximum flexibility when it comes to its placement and use. Ultimately, if you are going off roading in unknown terrain, having a snatch strap bag as part of your gear will help ensure that no matter what unexpected situations may arise during the ride – you have just what you need right at hand!


Taking rope with you on your off-road adventures in your side by side is an excellent idea. It has a variety of uses that can come in handy, whether it’s for tying down equipment to the vehicle, creating a makeshift shelter or as simply launching point if you get stuck! Taking a few pieces of rope along your side by side journey is an essential addition to any outdoor excursion. Not only will it come in handy if you need to make quick repairs or tie something down, but it’s also lightweight and simple to transport — so there’s no excuse not to have some on hand! Being prepared with rope can provide peace of mind knowing that whatever unexpected situation arises during your travels, you’ll be able to handle them without a problem.

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Jumper cables

Jumpers have a multitude of benefits, one being the ability to aid another vehicle whose battery has entirely run out or is on its last legs. This feature can be especially critical if you’re traversing in isolated regions and come across someone else who needs help.

Don’t let a dead battery put an end to your side-by-side adventures! With jumper cables, you can swiftly jump-start your ride if its battery becomes discharged or just won’t turn on. Be it caused by leaving lights on too long, running a bunch of electrical components at once, age and wear – having jumper cables in hand show help you get going again pronto. Picture this: You’re set for the trail and then the moment arrives when you have to take off the trailer but alas – oh no! It’s an empty battery instead.. Don’t worry though; with those trusty cable in store all is not lost – they’ll save your day (and more) so don’t leave home without them anytime soon!

UTV Jump Starter Box

If you want to upgrade your roadside assistance, a jump box for UTVs is the perfect solution. Not only will it start your side by side even when no one else is around to help, these mini power boxes come with built-in flashlights and can charge up other small electronics such as phones! Get yourself a jump box today and never worry about being stranded again.

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Utilizing a shovel has many benefits when driving your side-by-side in remote areas or challenging terrain – and even if you become stuck. On top of the fact that it can dig out an immobilized vehicle, you can also utilize a shovel to construct improvised ramps or paths across ditches and other obstructions, so your ride is able to safely traverse them.

Having a shovel in your side-by-side is critical for both safety and preparedness. It can come in handy to help clear roadways, construct a makeshift ramp or path, all while providing added protection during an array of scenarios.

GPS device

Deciding whether or not to carry a GPS device on your UTV can be determined by the specific needs and context of your situation. If you plan to explore unfamiliar terrain, such as hunting or off-roading activities in remote areas, then having a GPS device is highly advantageous for navigation purposes and will help ensure that you make it back home safely. Not only does a GPS provide essential information about routes, but also important details like nearby trails with various points of interest along them – making this an invaluable tool for any outdoor enthusiast!

A GPS device is invaluable if you’re trying to chart a course in unfamiliar terrain – with it, you can monitor your coordinates and the direction of travel. You can even use it to record your route; that way, if ever lost or confused, you know exactly how to backtrack safely. Even if you are familiar with an area and only following well-marked trails via UTVs, a GPS always comes in handy for emergency preparedness! It’s essential to be ready for anything on any journey: having these tools makes sure success follows suit!

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Top Tools to bring on your side by side

No matter what activities you plan to use your side-by-side or utility terrain vehicle for, and whatever type of terrain you’ll be crossing, it’s always beneficial to keep certain tools on hand. Invest in an all-inclusive tool package that provides everything needed so that nothing gets left behind when the adventure begins! Get ready for any kind of offroad journey with a comprehensive set of useful items such as:

Get all your tools in one convenient package

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Socket Kit

Whether it’s off-roading, hunting, or farming – UTVs are highly versatile vehicles and a socket kit is the perfect tool to bring along for any journey. With its array of tools such as wrenches and screws, you can easily make quick repairs – from tightening bolts to replacing worn parts. No matter what type of terrain your vehicle encounters on its travels, a socket kit will be sure to provide all the necessary solutions!

Furthermore, having a socket kit on hand can assist you in making modifications to your vehicle, such as modifying the suspension or swapping out tires. By keeping one nearby at all times, you’ll always be ready for any potential repair and maintenance necessities that may come up while using your UTV. All in all, it’s crucial to have a reliable socket kit close by!


Having a pair of pliers at your disposal is an absolute necessity for taking on the trails with a side by side. Pliers are versatile and can be used to tighten or loosen bolts, remove nails, cut wire – you name it! Having them stowed away in your vehicle will ensure that you’re always prepared should any problem arise while out exploring.

Aside from their usual use, pliers can also prove to be quite helpful in unexpected scenarios; for example, they can be used to remove any dirt or rocks lodged into your tires, or even a hook that has become stuck onto a fish. All-in-all, carrying a pair of pliers with you on your side by side excursions is an ideal way of ensuring that you are always prepared when sudden situations arise.

Wrench Set

A wrench set should always be part of your trailside toolkit when you’re exploring with a side by side. Wrenches are great for tightening or loosening bolts and other fasteners, which can come in handy if something needs to be repaired quickly while out on the trails. Not only that but wrenches also prove useful in various situations such as removing a stuck lug nut from a tire or clamping down an errant hose – just about any situation where you need quick access to tools for actionable repair work. Having this dependable set along will help ensure that no mechanical mishaps wreak havoc on your off-roading adventures!

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Screw driver Set

To perfectly round off your tool selection, you must include a screwdriver set. While out on the road, anything can happen and having the ideal instrument available to solve any problem is indispensable! Therefore, don’t forget to pack both flathead and phillips screwdrivers before starting your journey.

Head lamp

If you travel in a UTV, it is wise to bring along a headlamp for many reasons. This portable lighting device conveniently attaches to your head and provides illumination without the need of using your hands. It can be particularly useful when out on trails at night or in enclosed areas as it will allow you to navigate through them with ease and clarity. A headlamp isn’t only a beneficial asset to have in the back of your UTV, but it can also be an invaluable tool when you encounter other trail users who may need help. Not to mention, having this piece of gear with you on your journey will make sure that you are prepared for any unexpected situations which could arise. Ultimately, bringing along a headlamp is always recommended if going off-roading in your UTV!

Tire Pressure Gauge

Absolutely, it’s wise to carry a tire pressure gauge in your off-road vehicle. To keep your machine running safely and performing optimally, you must maintain the correct levels of inflation in its tires. Underinflated wheels lead to decreased stability and traction as well as premature wear on the treads, while overinflation causes accelerated degradation of the central portion of each tire – not to mention an uncomfortable ride. Regularly monitoring air pressure with this tool helps ensure that your vehicles’ tires are properly filled so you don’t experience any unexpected problems! Moreover, a tire pressure gauge is an inexpensive and convenient tool to keep on hand when exploring off-road; there’s no excuse not to have one. All in all, carrying a tire pressure gauge with you as part of your side by side kit is always recommended. If you tires get out of balance be sure to check out our article on Do you balance UTV tires

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Spare parts to bring on your UTV

Going off-roading with your UTV? Be sure to bring the right spare parts! Depending on the type of terrain you’ll be traversing and your vehicle’s make/model, different components may require extra support. For instance, if you’re driving a RZR or other side by side with a drive belt – carry an additional one for emergencies.

Below are some common spares to have handy:

  • Spare spark plugs

  • Extra oil

  • Extra air filter

  • Extra fuses

  • Spare belt

  • Extra hoses

  • Extra bolts and nuts

  • It is also a good idea to consult your UTV’s owner’s manual to see if there are any specific spare parts that you should bring with you based on your UTV’s unique requirements.

Things you probably didn’t think you needed

Zip Ties

You should always carry zip ties on your trail rides with your UTV for multiple reasons. Zip ties are a versatile, lightweight and compact tool that is helpful in countless scenarios – from keeping items together to making temporary repairs or assisting fellow riders. Plus, you’ll never know when someone else may need them – so be sure to have some handy! With all their potential uses, there’s no question why carrying zip ties could greatly enhance any off-road experience. Without a doubt, having zip ties in your UTV while you embark on the trails can be an incredibly advantageous addition to your equipment and assist you with any sudden issues that may appear.

Duct tape

When you go off-roading in your UTV, duct tape is a must-have tool to have around. What makes this adhesive so valuable? Well it’s lightweight and can be used for virtually any task – from patching up holes and securing loose parts to fixing mechanical issues. Plus, if an emergency arises while you’re on the trails, duct tape will come in handy as a temporary solution until help arrives! By investing a meager sum in duct tape, you are supplied with an invaluable resource that can fit conveniently into your UTV trip gear. Overall, carrying it on your journey will help to be ready for any surprise circumstances that could arise and is highly recommended if you’re looking to maximize the safety of both yourself and others.

Trash bags

Whether you’re out on the trails with your UTV or camping, bringing along a trash bag is an exceptional idea for multiple reasons. Primarily, it offers an easy way to keep your campsite and trail area clean – simply throw away any rubbish in the bags! Furthermore, these same bags can be utilized to store wet or muddy gear such as boots and rain jackets; ensuring that you maintain a neat environment inside of your vehicle. Additionally, having trash bags with you on your UTV trip can be a sensible decision. Not only will they come in handy for carrying out any garbage or debris that may present itself along the way, but also it shows respect to nature and helps keep our trails clean by preventing littering. All in all, bringing some extra trash bags is an invaluable addition to your gear list.


Protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays by applying sunscreen before you hit the trails with your UTV. Not only can this help prevent a painful sunburn, but regular use of sunscreen may also reduce your chances of developing skin cancer and other health issues. This is especially true when it comes to riding in an open-air vehicle like a UTV as opposed to enclosed ones since they are more exposed to sunlight. If you plan on spending an extended period of time on the trails with your UTV, it is a smart idea to wear sunscreen. Selecting a sunscreen that has an adequate SPF rating and applying it generously yet regularly will ensure optimal protection from sun damage while keeping your skin safe and healthy. So don’t forget to lather up before heading out – using the right kind of sunscreen when driving your UTV can make all the difference in terms of both health and wellness!

Insect repellent

Safeguard yourself from mosquitoes, ticks and other pests when you venture onto the trails with your UTV by using insect repellant – not only to ward off irritation and stings but also for potentially exposing you to serious illnesses. Since prolonged stays in heavily vegetated regions or those that contain stagnant water can increase your chances of running into bugs, it’s wise to take defensive measures beforehand. Make your outdoor adventure an enjoyable one by applying insect repellant containing DEET before heading out. Additionally, donning long-sleeved attire and forgoing fragrance products will also help to reduce the probability of being bothered by bugs. Ultimately, taking these simple steps can enhance the quality of your UTV trip and provide you with some much needed protection against pesky bites and stings!

Water and snacks

If you plan to spend a long time out on the trails with your side by side, it’s wise to bring some extra food and snacks along. Not only will they help provide you with energy and nutrition during your ride, but they can also be invaluable in getting prepared for any unforeseen delays or issues like losing your way or having mechanical problems. Beyond being essential for your own sustenance while out on the trails, carrying excess food and snacks can also be beneficial to share with other trail users. Whether it’s a kind gesture or an act of compassion in times of need, having extra provisions might just save someone else’s day – if not their life! Being mindful of this when bringing along your side by side is highly recommended as unexpected emergency situations may arise unexpectedly.

What to wear riding ATV trails?


When you’re cruising down the trail at 30 miles per hour in a side by side, perhaps it doesn’t feel too cold- until your hands hit the wheel. That’s why having gloves on hand is so important in UTVs! The weather can be unpredictable; protective wear such as gloves will ensure that your hands remain insulated from temperatures – hot or cold – while also guarding against potential hazards like dust and mud. Not only do they provide comfort but they also shield them from wind, sun, and other external factors. So when hitting those trails, make sure to equip yourself with some reliable pairs of quality mitts!

Furthermore, gloves provide added protection while driving a UTV by shielding your hands from any potential harm you may encounter. Whether it be urgent repairs to the vehicle or accidental contact with sharp objects or rugged terrain, wearing gloves reduces the risk of cuts, abrasions, bruises and other injuries.

Gloves in your UTV is essential for comfort, safety, and protection. Gloves can not only protect you from the elements, but they also create a barrier between your hands and any potential hazards or injuries.

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Rain gear

Rain gear is an absolute must when taking your UTV on the trails. Not only will it help keep you dry and comfortable during unexpected showers, but it can also safeguard your clothing and precious belongings from getting drenched. Plus, with its insulation properties, rain gear ensures that you stay warm even if a downpour catches you off guard– particularly important in colder temperatures or when out for long hours! When venturing off-road with your UTV, having the right rain gear on hand can prove to be an invaluable asset. It’s always best to come prepared for any unexpected changes in weather conditions that you may encounter along the way.

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Hat and sunglasses

Don’t forget to cover up when you’re out on the trails with your UTV. Pack a hat or visor and sunglasses for optimal protection from the sun’s UV rays. The wide brim of a cap can guard your head, face, and eyes from potential long-term damage caused by these powerful beams of light. Additionally, sunglasses will not only protect against eye strain but also reduce dangerous glare that could otherwise diminish visibility while driving in unknown terrain. A hat and shades are essential components for achieving an enjoyable outdoor outing! When it comes to UTV adventures, packing a hat and sunglasses should be mandatory for the ultimate off-road experience. Not only will these items provide added protection from sun damage, but they’ll also promote a more comfortable journey overall!

Extra clothes

If you plan to embark on a side by side excursion, bring an additional set of clothes! It could prove life-saving in emergencies such as sudden wetness or dirtiness. Plus, extra garments can help keep you cozy since weather changes are unpredictable when you’re miles from civilization. With the proper attire, your off-roading experience will be more pleasant and safe for extended periods of time. Furthermore, having extra clothes can be a lifesaver in the face of an emergency or other situation you couldn’t anticipate. Overall, bringing additional apparel with you on your side-by-side explorations is not only invaluable but also allows for preparedness when confronting unforeseen predicaments.

Safety Equipment to bring UTV Trail Riding

Fire extinguisher

If you plan on taking your UTV out into the trails, it is wise to come prepared with a fire extinguisher. A fire can be an immense hazard and having a way of quickly responding could make all the difference in an emergency situation; whether caused by mechanical issues, excessive heat or even accidents. Therefore, packing this safety equipment should not go overlooked as its value cannot be overstated. By having a fire extinguisher with you when traveling outdoors, not only will it provide much-needed relief of mind and security but also the capability to take care of any unexpected scenarios. More so, carrying one while on your UTV journey can serve as an essential addition to your supplies and help ensure that you are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Roll Cage Fire Extinguisher (affiliate link)

Cell Phone & charger

Bringing a cellphone and charger with you on your UTV ride is the wisest decision for numerous reasons. Primarily, having access to a phone in an emergency can be critical—if something goes awry during your venture or if you face any unforeseen issues, being able to contact help could save the day! Not only can a phone and charger be utilized to use your device as a GPS for those unfamiliar trails, but also it will ensure that you have the power to capture photos or videos while out on the adventure. Bringing a phone charger when riding with your UTV is an essential part of having all the right gear!


Ultimately, being ready on the trails with your UTV is crucial to guarantee a secure and pleasing journey. By stocking up on essential riding equipment and supplies, you can be prepared for any conceivable issues that may arise – from mechanical trouble to unexpected delays or tough climatic conditions. With these essentials by your side, you will feel more self-assured in handling whatever comes your way! Being adequately prepared for your UTV trips is essential to ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. The more one plans ahead, the better their chances of having an enjoyable experience out on the trails. From safety checklists to packing all those necessary items, being prepared can ensure that you have a successful and unforgettable trip!

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